Marketing Help... from DIY to Virtual VP

At Genius! Marketing we want your marketing to be genius! We will help you learn through on demand courses, personal or team coaching, consulting or even serving as a Virtual VP of Marketing.

Marketing success comes from having an actionable plan. That's why all our work is to help you

  • Organize
  • Optimize, and
  • Operationalize

your marketing. Whether it is on a tactical or strategic level, we can help you make your marketing more consistent, more creative and more effective.

I'm Stephen Eckert of Genius! Marketing

Sometimes known as "The Marketing Coach", I help business owners get the most out of your marketing. I developed a step-by-step system to help small businesses organize, optimize and operationalize marketing.

My clients care about how their company is perceived in the marketplace. But they don’t have the time to directly manage marketing. In fact, they have multiple vendors and in-house staff working on various marketing, digital, PR and advertising projects. Too often marketing is start/stop. No consistency. It drives my clients crazy that marketing isn’t working. They need an experienced leader they can trust to help them get marketing results.

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